Large Sliding Track

Large Sliding Track


PlexiDor sliding tracks with flip lock makes it easy to attach the security plate. Whether you leave your home for an extended period of time, or want added security every day, the sliding track accessory makes securing your home a breeze.

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PlexiDor dog doors size large, medium, and extra large are delivered with a steel security plate that screws onto the pet door frame. The plate is a great tool for securing the home, and for signaling to pets that the door is locked. Using the sliding tracks, it takes seconds to mount the plate.

Simply attach the left and right tracks to the interior frame, and slide the steel security plate down the track into place. The tracks attach to the dog door’s interior frame using just a screw driver, and the security plate slides down to its optimal position.

Secure the plate with the handy flip lock feature and you’re finished. The tracks are made of strong and durable aluminum, and they’re available in silver, white, or bronze in sizes medium, large or extra large.

Hardware for track installation is included, but not the security plate itself.

  • Accessory for use with steel security plate included with PlexiDor pet doors
  • Sliding tracks attach to interior plexidor frame
  • Flip lock feature secures steel plate and will not interfere with lock and key
  • Works with plexidor door or wall units in sizes M, L and XL
  • Available in silver, white or bronze

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Silver, Bronze, White


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